FE3H Washi now available for preorder! Use code TYSUGARFATHER for free shipping on orders $50+


➽Please double check the address you are putting in for your order! 

➽Once it leaves our hands it is not our responsibility so please make sure you are shipping it to a safe place where it will not be stolen. 

➽Please also only order what you want. All sales are final.

➽We are not responsible for international taxes so please keep in mind that when your order is delivered internationally. You may be asked to pay additional tax on it.

1] Preorders

➜What are they?

Preorders are the means artists use to fund the actual creation of the product! Like a little fund raiser since manufacturing stuff is pricey.

➜How long do they take?

Preorder dates vary in length, but the dates will always be in the description of the item

➜When do you place the orders to the suppliers?

Depending on the preorder’s success, manufacturing could begin sooner than the intended preorder end date. Usually manufacturing begins right after preorders close. This can take from 1-2 weeks.

➜What if I order a preorder item along with regular items?

Your order will be shipped altogether once the preordered item arrives!


Preorders take time and patience, so if you can’t wait, we suggest you hold off on your purchase.

2] Processing

➜How long will it take to ship my order?

Processing orders will take 2-5 days! We make sure to email updates and keep in touch if we run into any problems or if we have any commitments that might affect this.

➜OOF I think I wrote my *insert here* wrong. What do I do?

If you find that any information you provided is wrong, please let us know ASAP! We do our best to be as accommodating as possible but once the order leaves our hands we aren’t liable for them.

3] Shipping

➜What shipping carrier do you use?

We use USPS First Class Packaging for both domestic and international orders

➜Do we get tracking numbers?

Tracking numbers for your order will be emailed directly towards you :)

➜How long does it take?

Delivery time usually is 3-5 days domestically and internationally could range widely from 2-12 weeks. It all really depends on the ability of the postal service.

➜I don’t trust the USPS, can we pick a different carrier?

Sure! Just contact us (breadnne@gmail.com) and we can make arrangements to use other carriers like Fedex, UPS or Dhl

➜My order didn’t come!

Im so sorry to hear about that! Its happen to us too a lot too so we understand the frustration and hardships that come with lost packages.

Follow this link https://missingmail.usps.com/ and report the package!
They’ll try to find the package for you.

Other than the information provided, we aren’t liable for what the USPS does with the package! Again I'm so sorry, you just have to keep these things in mind when ordering online.

➜Something came in broken :0

When packaging, we always do our best to make things as safe as possible for transit. If by chance you received a broken item please contact us (breadnne@gmail.com) with your order number and the picture of your item!

If severely damaged we can send over a replacement! But please know that you are in charge of paying for shipping of the replacement.


➜The post office is holding my item, telling me that I need to pay extra!

Dear customer, these are called “custom duties”.
When ordering outside of the country, your postal service might require you to pay this. We are not responsible for paying for these, since by law, it is your responsibility to pay them. Such charges are at your expense and will not be refunded by us.

For any other questions or concerns please contact us using the contact page or email us at breadnne@gmail.com